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Single Barrings

Public company “Barsky mashine plant” has a good productivity base for performing galvanizing (with colourless or bright yellow passivation).

We perform turning and milling work and other works on machine part processing made of cast iron, steel and nonferrous metal.

Public company “Barsky Mashzavod” sells thermoplastic automats 

– DB 3328-63 -1973 y.  – DE 3127-63c1- 1985 y.   – DE 3127-63c1-1985 y.   -DE 3127-63c1-1982 y.

– DB 3328-63- 1972 y.  – DE 3130-125c1- 1985y.  – DA 3130-125c1-1982 y. – DE3328-63-1973 y.

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