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Segregation (sorting) station of solid domestic waste

Segregation (sorting) station of solid domestic waste (SDW)

The segregation station is created for reception, transportation and sorting of solid domestic waste.

Technical characteristics:  

 Station structure:

Productivity to 200 m3/shift;

1.Receiver-1 piece

Installed capacity- 26 kW, at 380 V, 50 Hz;

2. Feeding conveyer-1 piece

A number of staff –  6-12 people;

3.Shaking sieve with a hopper -1 piece

Length- 30,8 m; width-13 m; height- 7 m

4.A bin for small waste products- 1 piece

Weight, not more than -25 000 kg.

5.Sorting conveyer – 1 piece

Performance regulation – stepless.

6.Sorting cabin – 1 piece


7. Presses UPB – 6 pieces


8.A cart for collection and transportation of recycled resources – 12 pieces 


Process description

SDW is delivered by transport to the accumulating ground of the segregation station. After unloading SDW, a lot of which is set in plastic bags, a worker opens those bags with a special tool. With the accumulation of SDW a tractor with a grab loads waste into a hopper, from where they are delivered by a belt conveyer to a shaking sieve. On a shaking sieve the small organic waste is selected and placed in a small tank and then on a conveyer, which transports it into a tractor trailer. When a trailer is filled, a tractor transports and unloads it at special places for it (dumps). The waste which did not sift out is transported to a sorting conveyer, which transports it through a special room. There are sorters in this room, which select their type of waste (paper, polyethylene, PET bottles by colour (clear, blue, colour), cloth, PVC and waste glass). They throw sorted waste into the wheeled carts collectors, which with its filling are transported to the presses, where waste is compressed into packs. Presses, as well as sorters, are specialized in waste types. Each sorting station has 6 presses and 14 cart-collectors. Waste which was not sorted, that is mainly large waste, moves further on a conveyer and gets into a tractor trailer, which with filling, is unloaded at a dump. 


Other information

A sorting room has lighting, ventilation and heating. Pressing equipment and packs of pressed waste are placed under the shed.

Station lifetime warranty is 12 months since its installation or 18 month from the date of purchase.

Lifetime – not less than 15 years.

Price is 1,5 – 2 mln UAN depending on its packaging (for further information call +38 04342 24280)  

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