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Modernized universal dividing and wrapping machine for ring-shaped products B-4-58-D (Б-4-58-Д)

Declaration invention patent №55094 А
Patent for a design №7426

The machine is created for a large variety of ring-shaped products. The modernized machine has even loaded feed roll axes, improved frame design, the drive is located inside the machine, special height regulating pillars, plain bearings are substituted by ball bearings, and the exterior view is made in accordance with modern technical and aesthetic requirements.

Those changes allowed us to improve operating conditions and maintenance, enlarge performance life of the movable operating elements, make fast machine installation in operating systems, improve reliability and life ratio, and simplify adjustment and alignment, and maintenance.

Technical characteristics

Technical productivity, kg / hour, not less than

   For rolls with weight 0,1 kg


   For roll-shaped bread products

from 89,4 to 162

   For crisp bread ring

from 36,6 to 60,3

   Number of cycles 18

  Installed capacity, kW

Not more than 2,2

  Overall dimensions, mm






from 1605 to 1755

Weight, kg

1400 (without the replacement unit weight)

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