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Copper pellet steel solid propellant KS-T-100 P

The boiler steel, solid fuel, pellet grade KS-T-100 P with a capacity of 100 kW is designed for heating industrial and social facilities, equipped with a water heating system, up to 3000 m3. This boiler can be used in heating systems with natural circulation, as well as in forced circulation systems, but in a complete set with a circulation pump and a closed expansion tank.

The boiler is equipped with a TRIO control unit for operation with a pellet burner. If the boiler is used without a pellet burner, it is equipped with a Kripton control unit and RV 05 fans at the rear of the boiler.

    The boiler is equipped with a pellet burner, this is a fairly new device that allows using pellets made from various combustible materials (agricultural straw, wood, peat) as fuel. Use of a pellet burner for feeding solid fuel with a hopper of 0.5 m. Cubic meter. allows you to make the boiler work almost autonomous. Also, due to the use of the above hopper, fuel is supplied evenly, both in time and volume. This option allows you to minimize sudden changes in the temperature of the coolant, as well as the amount of fuel used per unit time. The burner consists of plates and rings made of refractory cast iron guaranteeing long-term and trouble-free operation. The automatic feed burner is driven by a highly efficient moto-reducer, guaranteeing high strength as well as silent and trouble-free operation for many years. The fraction of fuel intended for use in this burner ranges from 6 mm to 25 mm.

    In the absence of pellets and on condition of installation of cast iron grate instead of a burner, firewood, wood waste, coal, etc. can be used as fuel for the operation of the KS-T-100P boiler.

    The boiler is equipped with a security system, namely:

  • – safety valve for automatic overpressure relief;
  • – pressure switch for stopping fuel supply and boost when pressure is exceeded;
  • – a heat exchanger that automatically reduces the temperature of the coolant when it reaches a critical value
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