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About us

Public company ‘Barsky Mashzavod’ is one of the leading food machine-building enterprises that produces technological equipment for the tinned food, liquor, wine, beer and soft drinks, fat-and-oil and confectionary industry.

Our equipment works successfully at food processing plants of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova, the Baltic States, Central Asia and far abroad.

Designers and engineers of our enterprise are leading specialists in their sphere who always please the market with innovations.

Today our enterprise is actively developing and constantly adopts new production levels, expanding its distribution and geographical area.    

Barmash, today public company ‘Barsky Mashzavod’ is a well-known industrial brand in CIS countries and Central Europe.

A serious work to improve the quality of the items takes place at the plant. We certified all the types of the equipment produced and we still continue to work in that direction. The technical level of the products meets the high quality standards of both CIS and European countries.

The special pride of ‘Barmash’ is its working staff. Scientific and creative potential of the engineering and design department of the enterprise can be compared to the leading foreign colleagues. Thus, the frequent event at the plant is the introduction of the new world achievements and original technological know-how, designed and adapted for the domestic conditions by our specialists. 

There are 840 employees at the plant, in particular 87 with higher education and 253 with specialized secondary education.

The distribution volume of our products in Ukraine constitutes the 2500 enterprices of liquor, beer and soft drinks, tinned food, fat-and-oil, confectionary, wine, backing and starch industry, the grocery union and retail co-operative society.

The expert volume constitutes 20-30% out of total sales. The plant has foreign partners in the Baltic countries, Central Asia, Russia, Moldova, Belarus, the USA and other countries.

The technological and marketing policy are directed towards satisfaction and the growing demand and individual consumer needs. It is built and based on the data obtained from the analysis of the market, its tendencies, patent searches and investigations. Its main priority is the quality, competitiveness, high technical level and the safety of the equipment produced.

Maintaining high standard quality, technology and marketing, as well as a flexible commodity, pricing and distribution policy allows public company ‘Barsky Mashzavod’ to keep to the leading position in our industry.

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